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Gazar Plast Industrial Company (P.S) had started own initial activity since 1981 in field of manufacturing casting frames, due to state local policy regarding production automobile parts since 1993 switched own activity to automobiles various lights and polymer components. Now we supply IKCO majority automobiles light. Gazar Plast Industrial Company continued own activities as a legal entity company.


Gazar Plast takes advantage of upgraded machineries such as CNC beside professional personnel s who are profession casting all frames for their own necessities. Currently our customers listed as IKCO, SAIPA and MehrCam Pars.


In order to quality promotion in all fields, ISO 9001, ISOTS16949 were implemented since 2004.

Quality Policy

Gazar Plast Company is a pioneer production line company in the field of producing automobiles light, polymer components, so senior manager of company directly involves in customer satisfaction, promotion of continues effectiveness of quality management system, flawless production with competitive price, meet all customer requirement and production legal commitment. These items are the most principle objective. Quality issue in Gazar Plast is equal to a level of services that leads to customer loyalty to company brand, and their tendency products is observed. For achieve to above purposes, we observe followings:
  • Our Personnel are priority capital; we always do our best to upgrade their level of education and knowledge.
  • To provide our customer safety, we have deployed products and customer safety standard in all workshop steps.
  • -We try to enhance our profits through sales promotion and preventing time waste.
  • We try to provide customer more satisfaction through production time optimization, on time delivery, 100% reduction of products quality costs.
  • We regularly control and revise our functional quality in order to promote customer satisfaction and products quality beside we do our best to improve carriers.
  • We always try to prevent environmental pollution and destructive affects which may happen though our activities.
  • We try to deduct factory hazards and create a safety place for our personnel.
So we have implemented quality system acc. to ISO\TS 16949:2009 as starting point in order to achieve high quality levels and company goals promotion path. Achieve to purposes need to promotion of quality culture, collaboration and personnel training. Company have made available policies; and via comprehensive training will be entrusted. In addition, company management due to his commitments to quality management system, appoints a person to control quality affairs, all policies revise any 6 months period.

Products Quality

Quality unit of Gazar Company is responsible for control products quality in all steps. Their responsibilities cover material control and inspection, incoming parts, under production parts and finalized products. This unit has a responsible staff that his job is to control random taken samples from production line and substance of manufactured products. Quality control activities due company field on the base of automobile parts production and respective inspection entrust levels, causes implementation of principle control s, accuracy control have exclusive significant.

System Quality

Quality Unit in Gazar Company is responsible to execute quality control. Respective manager is engaged to updating, documents distribution and control of company data system as authenticated documents. Quality manager also bears to create documents, stabilization and execution of quality management international standard ISO/TS 16949:2002.Beside maintenance of International standard is also born by Quality manager.